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FundThis was born when we read about the news
that gofundme took all the funds of a campaign.
Then we decided its time for a crowdfunding platform which is 100% noncustodial with 0% commission.
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Comment 1 year ago by fundmaster
Help me reach the stars
So im trying my best to get on flmy feet i just left a domestic violent relationship and got fed u0 with getting hit with.l a Stick and thteatenedtl to get killed. I got my baby taken away from me due to this horrible relationship that was almost a horror life time im back to square one im living i. A shelter and looking for a job ehioe ik job hunting i left. Everything behind so i have nothing but couole of outfits to get me tbru the weeks.please any donations will help
Comment 1 year ago by Thicklatinsscores in Fuck DV

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